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Making Money With Tax Lien Investing

Today we welcome Emanuel Wijkhuisen into the studio to discuss the possibilities and pitfalls of Tax Lien Investing. In this episode, we cover everything from what a tax lien is, where to start investing, the biggest obstacles, the risks, the considerations, and even software that is designed to make the process much easier.



Featured Speaker: Emanuel Wijkhuisen

Born and raised in the Netherlands and currently living in beautiful Italy. Father, entrepreneur, and real estate investor Emanuel Wijkhuisen fell in love with tax lien & deed investing more than a decade ago and is still doing it passionately, full time. In 2019 Emanuel started a blog in Italy to talk about the tax lien and tax deed industry, as nobody seemed to know anything about the subject. He also proceeded to write a book about it. The results were astonishing! The book went viral and became a #1 best seller on Amazon Italy.

Emanuel has been invited to speak about the Lien and Deed investment process on CNBC TV ITALY. Currently, he and his partners are working on setting up a European AIF (alternative investment fund) that will invest institutionally in Tax Liens and the U.S. financial market.

Emanuel has a coaching business where he helps entrepreneurs throughout Europe to invest in Tax Liens and Deeds in the U.S. He and his partners have developed a unique tax lien and deed software research tool called Fast Lien.