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What are Real Estate Taxations and Implications?

Tax season is upon us! One of the more confusing parts of real estate investing is the topic of taxes. In fact, many would-be investors oftentimes find themselves worried about "making money" simply because they know that they will owe the IRS money but have no idea how much. Tune in to today's podcast featuring Blake Koolick.

A few topics we'll discuss are:
  • How real estate investments and taxation is related

  • How income from rentals is taxed and classified?

  • What if you're a self-employed investor? 

  • Active vs Passive Income

  • Short-term rental income

  • Capital Gains Taxes

  • What's the best way to reduce tax liability on capital gains?

  • What are Estates?

  • What are some tax implications investors may face?


Featured Speaker: Blake Koolick, CPA

Blake has over 10 years of experience working in the accounting field with both public and private experience. He has completed his Master of Taxation degree from Arizona State University and is currently a licensed certified public accountant in Arizona. Blake also holds a license as a real estate salesperson in Arizona.