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The Making of a Real Estate Investment Empire

What does it take to build a real estate empire from the ground up? Can it be done overnight or does it take the laying of brick by brick to establish the foundation? Join us in this episode as we explore how our guest, Lacey Daebel went through the good, the bad and the ugly when building her own real estate empire.



This month's episode includes topics such as:

  • What got Lacey Daebel into real estate investing?
  • How to figure out the ins and outs of real estate investing?
  • What are the biggest fears holding us back from getting into real estate investing?
  • How to get over the fears that are ever so common in real estate investing?
  • How much money do you need to get into real estate investing?
  • What novice investors should know before purchasing their first investment property?
  • How to set your financial goals when investing in real estate?

Featured Speaker: Lacey Daebel
Lacey is a real estate investor in Phoenix, AZ who focuses on Airbnb, Multifamily, and residential rentals while still working a full-time job. She started investing with furnished rentals and house hacking which led to her bigger goal of multifamily investing. 

She works with REV Multifamily to put on a local meetup geared towards helping multifamily investors network and grow in the space. Within the year of partnering with REV, the community has expanded into 2 additional markets and she is now Director of Investor Relations and Marketing with REV Equity Group. 

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Instagram: @laceydaebel

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