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What is a Home Warranty & Why Do I Need It?

So, what is a home warranty, and do you really need one on your home? In this episode, join us as we welcome Tara Carter into the studio to discuss commonly asked questions regarding home warranties.

The topics include:

  • What is a home warranty and how does it work?
  • How is it different than Home Insurance?
  • Difference between Home Warranty and a Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Are there any out-of-pocket expenses after purchasing a home warranty?
  • What is the coverage & limitations to repairs?

Featured Speaker: Tara Carter

Since 2004, Tara Carter has quickly become an authority in the real estate industry when it comes to home warranties. Tara is a Home Warranty Expert with Old Republic Home Warranty for the past 13 years. Tara is also a real estate investor and currently holds a few investment properties in her portfolio.