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What is a Home Inspection & How Can It Make or Break Your Deal?

Good ol' home inspections... the point at which most deals fall apart when it comes to real estate. So what exactly is a home inspection? What does it entail? Why is it so important? Tune in to today's episode as our guest speaker Jacob Babin drops knowledge on some of the most common and catastrophic issues found during home inspections along with what questions to ask your home inspector and just how in-depth can an inspection be.


Featured Speaker: Jacob Babin

Jacob is a Phoenix native who has had a passion for all-things-real-estate since a young age. That passion has led him to maintain his real estate license for over 20 years. After more than a decade in residential real estate, he transitioned to home inspections where his existing knowledge and expertise would be relevant. Since 2013, Jacob has performed 5000+ inspections, become a Certified Master Inspector, and a trusted advisor to Realtors, Buyers, and Sellers in the greater Phoenix Market. The Total Inspections team is a small group of professionals who enjoy connecting buyers with their dream home by providing a thorough inspection combined with an understanding of the experience that is often missed in the industry.

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