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Can an Appraisal Derail Your Real Estate Transaction?

Lately, it seems as though the home price train has gone completely off the rails and is headed straight to the moon! What does that mean for both buyers and sellers when it comes down to appraisal time? Join us in the episode as we discuss the effects an appraisal can have on either side of the transaction and what you do to protect yourself in a market as uncertain as today's.



Featured Speaker: Jay Josephs

Jay Josephs is the Founder and President of Josephs Appraisal Group and has been appraising homes for nearly 20 years. Jay is also a state-certified real estate instructor and has been certified for expert witness testimony. Jay is a Certified Residential Appraiser, Valuation of Green Sustainable Buildings Certified, and is a licensed real estate broker in Arizona as well. Josephs Appraisal Group has been recognized in Scottsdale Magazine, The Scotsman Guide, and The Business Journal for both community service and business success.